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  • Is Wizybot only available on Shopify?
    Wizybot is a Shopify app. You can download Wizybot app on the Shopify app store. To install Wizybot on your Shopify store you must: Search for "Wizybot" Select the Wizybot app Click on "Add app"
  • How long does it takes to setup Wizybot?
    With Wizybot, automate your customer support takes less than 15 minutes. You just need to install Wizybot app on your Shopify store and fill the onboarding process. The onboarding process consists on filling a form on how you handle your company policies and personalization of the Bot. There is no need to build complex workflows, code extentions or long syncronizations.
  • How does Wizybot answers all customers requests?
    Wizybot is the first ChatGPT integration for customer support in the Shopify app store. We leverage ChatGPT artificial intelligence power and integrate directly to the merchant ecommerce site to personalize the responses.
  • What should I do if I am not a Shopify merchant and want to use Wizybot?
    You can suscribe to Wizybot's mailist. Wizybot's team will keep you posted on new launches.
  • How much Wizybot charges?
    You can start with Wizybot free plan to try the power of our conversational AI technology. Then if you exceed the amount of messages in the free plan you can choose Wizybot's tiered subscription plans. For more details of Wizbot's pricing please go to our Shopify app listing.
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