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Intelligent Mobile access to your HR services

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  • Many shift workers are not keen on getting a digital access with their Employer. They want to avoid being contacted by their management outside work hours

  • Your Digital Transformation gets more difficult to execute

  • Wizy Virtual Employee Assistant brings value to your Employees first. The conversation is Employee driven, therefore pulling down the obstacle to full digitalisation of your Company.

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Context is key to efficient Conversations

Secure Your Devices and Manage Your Fleet

Conversation & AI

The best way to digitalise your Employees without corporate email address

Self service Mobile App for your Employees to engage with HR

Intelligent HR automation

Easy to deploy & adopt

Conversational Platform

Leverage AI to simplify & automate your employees interaction with HR
Includes Employee Context to deliver seamlessly contextual information & processes

Your corporate branded mobile app listed on Google Play and Apple ITunes
Self service install with secured authentication
Works for employees without corporate email

Talk by chat to Bots and to "Humans" in the same conversation
Works with voice and text
HR support team can take over from Chatbot to provide level 2 support

  • Talk to your HR: our Chatbots uses NLP to enable real interaction
  • Employees initialize their conversations. We enable bottom up interaction
  • Chatbot can handle HR processes like leave requests, training registrations, etc ...
  • We integrate with your HR application &  BPM systems
  • We provide a set of standard processes. You can set up your own processes
  • Wizy onboarding process is driven by the Employee, powered by Chatbot: each Employee enters his context during the onboarding: Country, Business unit, Job, etc …
  • Easy to deploy from bottom up, no need to set up a large project
  • The Chatbot proposes a carousel of services relevant to the Employee context: Vacation, Training, Payroll, Badges, etc …
  • The Employee can decide to converse directly with the chatbot, or discover the services in the chabot carousel

Connecting Employees & HR

  • The Chatbot delivers Level 1 support, in context of each Employee role & location
    Employees can ask, or Chatbot can suggest, to escalate to a Level 2 “human” interaction with HR

  • HR Team has access to Wizy Support rooms. They can take over from the Chatbot and converse directly with the Employee. They are notified of the Employees requests to contact a “human” support.