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Customer support chatbot powered by ChatGPT for Shopify stores.

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Customer support chatbot for Shopify. Wizybot
Wizybot data - ecommerce chatbot
Wizybot - Ecommerce chatbot
Wizybot customer support perfomance
The App

Reinventing ecommerce Customer support

WIzybot is the 1st Shopify app powered by ChatGPT

Wizybot is leveraged by more than 1 Triillion parameters in its AI. That way you can automate up to 90% of your customers requests. Stop spending time and money answering for refunds, order status and product characteristics, we have you covered.



Wizybot is the most complete Shopify e-commerce chatbot in the market

Increase sales with product recommendation

97% of your visitors don't end up purchasing. Send them automated & personalized greetings or offers for them to make their first purchase. 

Automate customer inquiries in just 1minute

Reduce your operating costs by automating the responses with Wizybot. Just install our Shopify and in less than 1 minute you'll be live.

No need to build complex workflows

No more long and complex workflows to setup your chatbots. Wizybot is already capable of answering all the questions of your customers in matter of minutes.

How Wizybot Works

Product recommendation

Send personalized greetings and offers to your new visitors or existing customers through the online chat. With Wizybot, just choose the templates, personalize them, and see how your visitors start buying more.

wizybot ecommerce chatbot
wizybot chatgpt chatbot

Wizybot - Customer


Shoppers will have a conversational experience as if they were talking to a human. You can bring support 24/7 and in more than 95 languages.

About Us

Wizybot Story

Democratizing access to AI to ecommerce merchants

In Wizybot, we believe that AI its going to transform all businesses. However it doesn't need to be only for the big companies with huge IT departments that can implement it. Wizybot is here for you. The entrepreneur, the businessman and the family head. We are here to let you pay what is fair for your business transformation and the most important without a difficult setup of the solution.


Wizybot satisfied

“I loved how easy was the setup. I just needed to fill the forms and everything worked like magic.”

Joan Marks

“Wizybot surprised me, everything was getting installed in the onboarding. It was an incredible experience.”

Raymond Souza

“I reduce my CS costs up to 60% and increased conversions 10% higher. The best tool in Shopify.”

Maggie Stalk

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