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Save time and increase sales! Let AI handle all customer interactions

Wizybot AI Chatbot delivers contextual, and human-like instant responses for your Shopify store.

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Key benefits


Save upto 80% support cost

Outsource live chats to GPT and save on your ticketing softwares along with expense live agent cost


Increase conversion 4x in valley hours

(Night time and weekends) Increase sales and conversions. You can proactively reach out to your visitors depending on their behavior on your store.


Leave no customer unattended

Deliver instant resolution to customer queries 24*7 with no downtime.

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Main features


Product and collections recommendations


Personalized messages during the customer journey 


Personalization of times. You can configure wizybot only on the time frames you want.


Add your brand personality and tone


Train it as an employee, give him instructions.

The only GPT bot
you need For your
Shopify store

30 5-star reviews from Shopify merchants

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